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"Tokyo Stock Footage" Terms of Use

Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (hereafter referred to as “TCVB”) authorizes the use of the footage supplied on the Tokyo Stock Footage site (http://tokyo-footage.com, hereafter referred to as “this site”), on the condition that the user complies with the Terms of Use.

1. Usage Application and Authorization

1) TCVB authorizes the use of the footage to applicants who apply in accordance with the application method as stated in the Usage Guide, and who fulfill all the conditions below.

  • a) Authorized entities
    Medias, travel agencies, organizations and corporations, etc. In principle, individuals are not allowed to use the footage.
  • b) Usage purpose
    The usage purpose of the footage is Tokyo tourism promotion and image improvement, or as travel destination publicity material.
  • c) Others
    Applicants are appropriate or suitable in regard to the usage of the footage.

2) Usage Fees

Usage of SD (Standard Definition) videos is free of charge. Also, overseas usage of HD (High Definition) videos and the usage of HD for the purpose of promotion to the overseas is free of charge.

However, there is a standard fee for the use of videos within Japan. For further details please see the Usage Guide.

2. User’s Obligations

The authorized user’s obligations are as follows:

1) Usage

The authorized user, hereafter referred to as “the user,” may edit and process the footage, or add other materials (own images, photographs and audio, etc.) to create one’s own work (hereafter referred to as “own work”). The user may copy, distribute, release (*1) and allow others to use own work.
(*1) This includes public screenings and internet releases (homepage, blog or external video site, etc.).

2) Prohibited Activities

  • a)
    • i) The user must not duplicate or distribute the provided footage (sales, rental, free distribution, free lending, internet download) to a third party, regardless of whether it is for commercial or non-profit purposes.
      Sales of video content (DVDs for sale, videos that carry royalty fees, etc.) that is comprised of a large part of the provided footage is prohibited.
    • ii) The user must not authorize a third party to use the footage. The user must not transfer, lease or lend the footage to a third party.
    • iii) The user must not combine and use the footage with works (movies, TV/radio programs, videos, music, books, arts, photographs, and other works) of another person which he or she is not granted permission to use.
    • iv) The user must not use the footage in a way that offends public order and morals.
    • v) The user must not use the footage in a way that offends the characteristics, dignity and honor of the video subjects (including all people, objects and scenery, etc.) or use it in such a way as to damage the subjects’ credibility. Subjects must not be used in articles, videos, propaganda or advertising that contain illegal, false or defamatory contents.
  • b) Usage that damages the honor or reputation of the author (TCVB or others), or the subjects in the footage, including regions and facilities, is prohibited.
  • c) Using footage for expressions or acts that are prohibited by law, or expressions or acts that infringe on the rights of a third party through defamation or privacy intrusion, etc., is prohibited. It is also prohibited to use the footage alongside such materials.
  • d) Please contact TCVB in the event that a decision cannot be made on whether or not the intended usage falls under the prohibitions listed above.

3) Display of the Author’s Name

The user must display the name of the author (*2) of the footage in order to show that the footage belongs to TCVB or that the work was created with the footage. 
Please display the author’s name in the video (work), or along with the video (work) in such a way that it is easily understood.
(*2) Generally, the author of the footage is TCVB. Please display as Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau or TCVB in your work.
However, some of the footage require a special display (when authors other than TCVB are included). In such cases, please follow the instructions that will be provided separately by TCVB.

4) Sending the Work to TCVB

Please send the original or a copy of the work created with the footage to TCVB.

5) Conveyance of Terms of Use

In the case that the own work is used by a third party, these Terms of Use must be assigned along with the work, and the third party must also abide by these terms. Conditions contrary to the Terms of Use may not be added.

3. Others

1) Revocation of Authorization Due to Violation.

Should the user violate the Terms of Use, the authorization to use the footage will be automatically revoked. Continued usage of the footage in such a case will be treated as unauthorized use. In the case that a work violating the Terms of Use is released on the internet or elsewhere, TCVB may demand necessary measures, such as deleting the work, to the user or the hosting site.

2) Changes to the Terms of Use

TCVB may make changes to the Terms of Use as necessary. In such a case, an announcement will be made on this site.

3) Disclaimer

In case the footage contains images of people or specific products, their portrait rights or trademark rights are not guaranteed in the footage. Even if the user follows the Terms of Use when using the footage, the user is responsible for handling any disputes that may arise, such as complaints from third parties. TCVB does not have any responsibility whatsoever for the usage of footage.

4) Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the Constitution of Japan.
The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes which may arise out of these Terms.

5) Authentic Copy

The Japanese language version of these Terms is the authentic copy and shall be controlling in any dispute hereunder. Any translated version shall be intended for reference and shall not be legally binding and effective.

6) Contact Details (Address to send works)

Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB)
Tourist Promotion Department
Telephone: +81-3-5579-2683
Email: pr@tcvb.or.jp
Address: Nisshin Bldg. 5F, 346-6 Yamabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0801, Japan